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Brewery Startup

We are two people in Charleston, SC who want to provide hyper-fresh, authentic, flavorful beers to our community.

Currently, we are a brewing company with no brewery.

This website is meant to serve as documentation of our road to opening our brewery and pub. It is the journey to what will be a unique social experience facilitated by good beer and brilliantly executed food.








Why Blue Tape?


We use it a lot

Blue tape, ordinarily used in painting applications has many uses in a brewery as well. It will stick to almost any dry surface and can be removed just as easily and will not leave a sticky residue, so we use it to label practically everything. Fermenters, barrels, hop additions,  and bottles all find themselves with blue tape adornments indicated what is inside of them, when it was put there, the gravity at the time, and who put it there.

Cut the Tape

We do not rip the tape. Cutting the tape is all about not cutting corners. It represents our commitment to doing things properly every time. When something is taken to the next level, you repeat that every time in the future. Little improvements make big differences when they come together. So we continue to cut the tape. Plus, it just looks better.



Elizabeth Carlson


As a business enthusiast and craft beer advocate, Lizz represents the functional side of Blue Tape Brewing. Her career in management and education in business administration are the fundamentals of operating Blue Tape Brewing. Lizz believes that the rise of craft beer has only begun, and small local breweries will continue to thrive as long as they do not lose sight of the larger industry. Blue Tape Brewing is her way of making sure this trend continues. Lizz particularly enjoys a fruity, late hopped IPA, Tripel, or Saison.  

Fresh fruit enthusiast. Drinker of juicy IPAs. Entrepeneur.

Mark Edwards


The creative powerhouse behind Blue Tape Brewing, Mark's passion for beer developed out of the futility of a career in politics. Mark believes in blurring the stylistic boundaries of craft beer while keeping the sanctity of water,malt, hops and yeast intact. Mark truly believes that beer is more than an alcoholic beverage, seeing it as a mechanism to bring people together through its enjoyment, the discussion surrounding it, and its production. Mark has only had one beer in his life that he did not like.

Amateur wine drinker. Fascinated by Farmhouse Ales. Cuts the tape.